Boyz 2 HD 2018

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Boyz 2 HD 2018


Naru Bondwe child of school trustee Madan Bondwe keeps of doing re affirmation in school and has contention with Juniors. Dhariya Dhungya and Kabir are known to battle for privileges of Juniors. But Kabir has now avoiding inn as he doesn’t need more issue with seniors because of his twelfth standard load up exams. A review advisory group is going to visit the school in the year and the central gives an instructor Vikram Sabnis to put a conclusion to Junior and Senior rivalry. Chitra an excellent young ladies enters the school and Kabir draw in towards he rand moves back to hostel. The competition of Juniors and Seniors takes to a most exceedingly bad turn that before the review board’s visit. Naru and Kabir chosen individuals from the two groups should free their virginity towards a girl. And as a proof record the video coming up short which the looser needs to leave the school.

Genre: Comedy   

Director: Vishal Devrukhkar

Actors: Parth Bhalerao  

Quality: HD

IDMb: 8.5


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