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Gully Boy 2019

Gully Boy 2019 HD

Watch Here Gully Boy 2019 HD: Gully Boy 2019 HD:  Description:  “Gully Boy” may be a film a few 22-year-old boy “Murad” (Ranveer Singh) from a ghetto in metropolis, India. The son of a driver, his folks worked onerous to induce him educated so he may have a white collar job. Meanwhile, Murad realizes his…

Notebook 2019 HD

Notebook 2019 HDTS

Watch Here Notebook 2019 HDTS: Notebook 2019 HD: Description: An ex-army officer, Kabir, becomes a teacher in Kashmir in a school that is in a miserable condition. Things take a turn when Kabir finds a notebook, left behind by the previous year’s teacher Firdaus.  Genre: Drama, Romance    Director: Nitin Kakkar Actors: Pranutan Bahl, Zaheer…

Escape Room 2019

Escape Room 2019 HD Hindi

Watch Here Escape Room 2019 HD Hindi: Escape Room 2019 HD Hindi: Description:  Six brave strangers travel a mysterious building to expertise the escape area — a game wherever players vie to resolve a series of puzzles to win $10,000. What starts out as on the face of it innocent fun presently turns into a…